Yokohama Tyres Melbourne

Yokohama Tyres Melbourne
The Yokohama tyre brand is most popular for vehicle owners, was established in 1917 in Japan. The Yokohama Rubber Company, Limited a tire company based in Tokyo, Japan.

It’s known for tubeless tyres. Yokohama produced Japan’s first tubeless tyre, among many other innovations that have adopted by many manufacturers today.

Yokohama has been synonym with the automobiles and tires for over 90 years. They have been the world leader in the development of technology and tire designs. Yokohama was the first Japanese tire manufacturer to be awarded ISO9001 certification as a recognition of quality assurance, design development, manufacture, installation, and other services.

Apart from advanced technologies and designs, Yokohama also takes its responsibility towards environment seriously. The finest achievement in this spectre is eliminating the use of CFCs and trichloroethene in the manufacturing process. Also, they have replaced heavy oil with natural gas leading to reduction in CO2 emissions and promoting energy conservation.

It has developed its North American manufacturing arm under the name of Yokohama Tire Corporation whose services the extensive sales network throughout the U.S. Their product range includes tyres for passenger cars, light truck, commercial bus and trucks, high- performance, and off – the road mining and construction application.

And even though their tyres are made of the highest quality, Yokohama recommends regular maintenance to get the best out of your Yokohama tires.

They suggest following ways to get the best out of your Yokohama tires

  1. Maintaining Proper Tire Inflation – Checking the tire inflation is an important step in maintaining its excellent performance. Over inflated or under inflated tyres harm the tyres as well as uses extra fuel. For ideal inflation maintenance, check the pressure of your tyres once a month when it is cold and set the pressure to the recommended level.
  2. Performing Regular Inspections – Iinspect them regularly to make sure there are no cuts or snags on the sidewalls and that they don’t have any nails or screws in the treads that you could have picked up while driving.
  3. Rotating And Balancing Tires – To extend the life of your Yokohama, rotate them every 6,000 – 8,000 miles. Also, a proper balance is a must for a safe driving. A vibration when driving could be an indication there is a problem with the balancing of your tires.

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Yokohama produces a large range of tyres for all kinds of different vehicles, however for passenger and 4×4 vehicles there are four main models that are of particular interest:

  • BluEarth
  • Drive
  • Advan
  • Geolander

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