Hankook Tyres Melbourne

Hankook Tyres Melbourne
The Hankook Tire group is a South Korean tire company which is based in Seoul, South Korea. It is the most reputed company in the automotive sector. The Hankook Tire group is the 7th largest tire company in the world.

Hankook is a tire brand & well known for its affordable quality and obligation to innovation. Whenever you compare the quality and durability the company comes in the top ten largest tire companies in the world, Hankook manufactures performance tires for luxury vehicles, including passenger cars, SUVs, off-road tires for 4×4 vehicles and light commercial tires for vans and more. The name Hankook is an English approximation of the Korean word for “Korea”.

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The tire brand HankookTechno dome launched tires for various types of vehicles in 2016, a research and development center functioning as a core instrument for the company to become a technological global leader. Hankook made the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) as one of the most sustainable tire companies.

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Importance of Checking for Tire Wear

Hankook Tire recommends you to check for tire wear once in a month. Also, make sure to do a check once more after long-distance travel.

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